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  • CP-Carrillo Tech Talk - Part 3

    Tech Tuesday 
    CP-Carrillo Tech Talk - Part 3
    1. Do you know why some pistons have what is referred to as a “donut dish” while other have a normal flat bottomed dish?
    2. Stretch vs. Torque?
    3. What Are pin buttons?
    4. Did you know at CP-Carrillo we use Rapid manufacture prototyping.
    5. What do oil rail supports do?
    6. Do I need a heavy piston & pin combo for boosted applications?
    7. One of the most over looked and misunderstood measurements of the engine is Piston Ring end gaps.

  • CP-Carrillo Tech Talk - Part 2


    Tech Tuesday
    CP-Carrillo Tech Talk - Part 2
    1. Did you know we perform residual hardness studies on pistons?
    2. How much torque do I use to tighten my steel rod bolts”?
    3. Did you know we uses SPC? But what is SPC?
    4. Do you know… we strive to control our manufacturing processes with micron accuracy?
    5. Did you know...Piston pin bores are not always manufactured to be perfect cylinders.
    6. What's the difference between vertical & lateral gas ports?
  • CP-Carrillo Tech Talk - Part 1

    Tech Tuesday
    CP-Carrillo Tech Talk - Part 1
    1. What are some of the latest trends used in modern piston design?
    2. How do I identify my CP pistons.
    3. Can a specially designed racing piston improve performance?
    4. What are the benefits of accumulator grooves
    5. Did you know that Bearing tangs are often one of the most misunderstood features of a connecting rod?
    6. How can we make the best racing piston for you?
    7. What is thermal barrier coating?


  • CP-Carrillo Tech Tips ~ Forced Induction Pistons

    CP Pistons - Honda D16A6 2.972 (75.5mm) +0.5mm SC7126 - Cartel Australia

    When buying turbo pistons or upgrading pins, heavier is not always better.
    “If I have a turbo, I have to buy the strongest, heaviest piston and pin they have and then I’m covered for anything, right?”