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A piston can only perform as well
as the rings surrounding it do.

That’s why Total Seal® concentrates on making the most precise, strongest, lightest and innovative piston rings available. From extreme horsepower race engines to powerful stationary engines for industrial use and everything in between, Total Seal® can help you improve the efficiency and durability of your engine.

After originally beginning in 1967 with a rotary engine design for Original Equipment Manufacturers, Total Seal® invented the Gapless® piston ring, which achieved broad use by professional race teams and engine builders due to the ring’s increased performance capabilities.

After 50 years of being known as the “Home Of The Gapless Piston Ring”, Total Seal® provides so much more than Gapless ring today. We believe in doing one thing extremely well, and our focus is on increasing engine efficiency and durability through improved piston ring seal. That focused drive has made Total Seal™ the piston ring authority and the leader in piston ring technology, innovation, advanced designs and proven performance. From the patented Gapless® piston ring to Diamond Finish, Advanced Profiling, Total Conform®, Gas Ported and more, no other manufacturer offers as broad a selection of piston rings as Total Seal®. 

  • 1.9” bore to 16.0” bore and everything in between
  • Production quantities of 30 rings to 3,000 or more
  • The greatest selection of piston rings in the world
  • A wide range of available special coatings
  • Any bore, axial thickness or radial dimension
  • Custom ring design and manufacturing services
  • Unmatched personal technical assistance

No matter what the application, Total Seal® can build piston rings that unlock the performance potential of your engine.


Total Seal Product List

Conventional Piston Ring Sets

Gapless® Top Piston Ring Sets

Gapless® Second Piston Ring Set

Gas Ported Piston Ring Sets

Tools & Accessories

Custom Piston Ring Form


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