CP-Carrillo Tech Tips ~ Forced Induction Pistons

When buying turbo pistons or upgrading pins, heavier is not always better.
“If I have a turbo, I have to buy the strongest, heaviest piston and pin they have and then I’m covered for anything, right?” Although you do want strong enough parts for the power and usage that you have planned, what we are finding is that customers are often over-buying for their builds and actually causing premature wear, loss of power and revs, and spending more when they could have used the money elsewhere. Here, are a few reasons why purchasing heavy duty pistons or pins good for 1600HP- when you are only ever going to see 800HP- can actually be a bad thing.
1) Crank balancing
2) Can limit max RPM and slow rev speed
3) Stress and wear on the pin bores
4) Stress and wear on rods and rod bearings
5) Extra clearances where it may not be needed
6) Extra Cost
Avoid purchasing a piston and/or pin that is just not right for your build. At CP-Carrillo we want to ensure you are getting the perfect product for you.
The first question you should ask is “What is the max power you want to achieve with your build?” But also try to be realistic. If everyone else is making 600hp with the turbo you just bought, don’t ask for a 1200hp piston assembly.
If you’re currently making 600hp, but plan to go to a bigger turbo or throw in some nitrous bottles in the near future, purchase for what power you will make then, not what you are making now.
Our knowledgeable team can help you plan these things out with your driving plans, budget, and goals.
CP-Carrillo offers an HD line of many popular engines including: Honda B-series and K-series, Toyota 2JZ, Nissan GTR, and Mitsubishi 4G63, but these pistons were designed for about 225-350hp PER CYLINDER and are quite heavy. We would not recommend these to someone making low boost because of the reasons above.
Regarding pins, be careful not getting a super thick pin if you don’t need it, especially if the piston was not designed for that thick of a pin. We are happy to recommend a pin to you based on your power goals. We offer numerous thicknesses and multiple upgraded materials depending on your needs.