ZEX LS Series Perimeter Plate Blackout Nitrous System (Electronic Throttle Body)

ZEX LS Series Perimeter Plate Blackout Nitrous System (Electronic Throttle Body)

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  • Adjustable From 100 to 250 Horsepower
  • Complete Wet System; Includes Everything For A Safe, Proper Installation
  • Works Safely On Both Stock & Modified Vehicles

GM LS Perimeter Plate Wet Nitrous System

Typical spray bar nitrous plates are built on 30 year old technology and suffer from design compromises that can result in less than optimal performance and reliability. But ZEX™ has created three advanced nitrous technologies, each of which gives the user significant power advantages over conventional plate systems.

ZEX™ has a complete, race ready perimeter plate system for LS applications and is a direct fit for FAST™ LSX™/LSXR™/LSXRT™ 102mm Intake Manifolds. Adjustable from 100-250 horsepower, the system provides optimum spray efficiency and fuel distribution with nitrous and fuel outlets placed at 12 injection points around the perimeter of the intake manifold’s inlet.


  • For 4-bolt, electronic throttle bodies

  • Included adapter allows fitment to all 90mm & larger, OEM & aftermarket throttle bodies/manifolds

  • Activated at wide open throttle using ZEX™ patented electronic TPS switch

Patented, Revolutionary Perimeter Plate Technology:

Cryo-Sync™ Technology

The ZEX™ Perimeter Plate routes the nitrous through a set of internal passages before spraying it into your engine. During this circulation process, the nitrous temperature drops to -127 degrees below zero! This cryogenic phenomenon effectively turns the plate into an ultra-efficient Cryo-Sync™, cooling your carburettor and intake manifold for additional power.

Airflow Enhancement™ Technology

The ZEX™ Perimeter Plate has been designed to inject the nitrous at an optimized angle, toward the centre of the intake plenum. In addition to ensuring proper cylinder distribution, this ZEX™- developed technology creates a pocket of intense low pressure just below the carburettor while the nitrous is being sprayed. This low-pressure area enhances airflow into your engine, which further improves power gains.

Perimeter Injection™ Technology

Unlike traditional nitrous kits, the ZEX™ Perimeter Plate employs multiple injection points to create a perfectly atomized blend of fuel and nitrous. This mixture is then fired directly into the centre of the intake plenum, ensuring equal dispersal between cylinders. By optimizing cylinder-to cylinder distribution, ZEX™ Perimeter Injection™ Technology generates maximum power without sacrificing engine safety.