Wilwood Super Alloy Scalloped Rotor 10.50" Diameter

Wilwood Super Alloy Scalloped Rotor 10.50" Diameter

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160-11217 – Product Description

Super Alloy Scalloped Rotor

Super Alloy Steel 10.50” x .780” Vented Rotors are one of Sprint racing's lightest .750" to .810" thickness class rotor at a weight of only 3.20 pounds. Wilwood's proprietary Super Alloy Steel greatly enhances the durability and lifespan of this rotor over comparable lightweight steel or iron rotors. A Drilled, slotted, and scalloped design with 24 cooling vanes provides excellent high temperature stability, rapid heat dissipation, and consistent performance from the brake pads.

Rotor Dimensions
Width (in) 0.78
Diameter (in) 10.50
Mount Side
Rotor Design
Material Super Alloy
Vane Count 24 V
Weight(Lbs) 3.20
Rotor Style & Finish
Type Alloy Scalloped
Style Drilled
Surface Finish Plain
Rotor Upgrades
Bedded No
Balanced No
UPC Number
UPC 889545037777

Performance Characteristics

  • Dirt Sprint Car Inboard Use
  • Recommended Brake Pads: BP40 and CM (Sintered Metallic) compounds.
  • Designed for specific dirt racing applications and may be unsuitable for other forms of racing.
  • Not for street use.


Additional Rotor Dimensions

Rotor Bolt Circle (in) 6 x 5.50
Rotor Mount Hole Size (in) 0.326
Lug ID / Registration (in) 4.94
Far Side Inside Diameter (in) 7.30
Additional Notes

The fine micro-finish surface beds quickly with new pads. It provides a cost effective, lightweight solution with quick response, long service life from the pads, and consistent braking at all temperatures.. Lowered rotating weight promotes quick acceleration, deceleration, and improved handling.