VP QM25 Unleaded Racing Fuel

VP QM25 Unleaded Racing Fuel

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Designed for naturally aspirated, high revving applications. QM25 is an oxygenated unleaded racing fuel like no other! Compared to other Unleaded racing fuels, QM25 has shown to have significant torque and HP gains.

Suited for Australian Pro Stock, Super Stock and N/A drag racing applications.

*Re-tuning is required.

*This fuel contains MTBE. It cannot be used in freshwater lakes, or freshwater ways.

*This fuel does not comply with the Australian Fuel Quality Standard and be only purchased with a valid racing license.

                               Parameter                                     Value
Motor Octane 99.5
Research Octane 111
Specific Gravity 0.743
RVP 4.00
Oxygen Content 5%
Fuel Type Unleaded
Stoichiometric A/F 13.86:1


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