VP MR PRO6 REG Unleaded Racing Fuel

VP MR PRO6 REG Unleaded Racing Fuel

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Our newest unleaded fuel for motocross and supercross. Engineered to generate maximum horsepower in 4-stroke applications in conformance with AMA Pro Racing rules. MR PRO6 makes more power than any other AMA-legal fuel on the market, delivering up to 2% more power than VP's own MR-Pro5.

Requires minimal jetting/mapping changes and will not require radical changes in ignition timing like other fuels on the market.

*This fuel contains MTBE. It cannot be used in freshwater lakes, or freshwater ways.

*This fuel does not comply with the Australian Fuel Quality Standard and be only purchased with a valid racing license.

Parameter Value
Motor Octane 86
Research Octane 104
Specific Gravity 0.725
Oxygen Content Yes
Colour Clear
RVP 11.01                   


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