VP CR 99 Unleaded Racing Fuel (Avgas replacement)

VP CR 99 Unleaded Racing Fuel (Avgas replacement)

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VP CR99, a cost-effective unleaded racing fuel specifically formulated for engines currently running on AVGAS & PULP 98.

Compared with other 100 octane racing fuels that only have a Motor Octane of 89. CR99 has a Motor Octane of 93. This fuel will keep your engine safe while making maximum power on the track.

Power Gains: CR99 will give you up to 4% more power than AVGAS.

Tuning Tips: We recommend a fuel increase of 2-4%%.

*This fuel contains MTBE. It cannot be used in freshwater lakes, or freshwater ways.

*This fuel does not comply with the Australian Fuel Quality Standard and be only purchased with a valid racing license.

Parameter Value
Motor Octane 93
Research Octane 99
Specific Gravity 0.714
Oxygen Content 3.8%
Colour Green


Dangerous Goods ~ Pick Up Only

CR99 Dyno Sheet