Race Engine Technology Magazine - Issue 147

Race Engine Technology Magazine - Issue 147

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Race Engine Technology - Issue 147

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Are you a petrol head?

If so, you should have a subscription to Race Engine Technology. It is one of our favourite magazines, and it is chock full of in depth technical articles.


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Race Engine Technology - Issue 147
Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Cosworth GMAs V12 our upfront feature covers MotoGP. Our challenge of investigates Pikes Peak and we have an insight into EV testing. Our focus articles cover fuel injection and heat treatments, we also look at Nitro RX/NitroCross plus much more…


  • Intro: The Editor - Cost and road relevance could stymie race engine development, but in the meantime marvel at the Cosworth GMA V12 and MotoGP screamers featured in this issue
  • Upfront: MotoGP - We visit the French Grand Prix to take stock of the naturally aspirated four-strokes being campaigned in MotoGP this season
  • Upfront: Grid In the news - Details of the A110 and Model 62-2, with which Alpine and Radford Motors plan to contest this year’s Pikes Peak hillclimb
  • Dossier: Cosworth GMAs V12 - Cosworth has developed a circuit-specific T.50s version of the supercar V12 it designed and produces for Gordon Murray Automotive. Ian Bamsey learns how. With research by Matt Grant
  • Focus: Fuel injection - Experts tell Matt Grant how the design of a fuel injector and the spray pattern it creates depend on the type of car and race series
  • Challenge of: Pikes Peak - Wayne Ward talks to one of the top Pikes Peak drivers, who explains why driveability is valued more than outright power
  • Insight: EV testing - Gemma Hatton looks at how to set up dynos for testing e-motors and inverters, and details the technologies that make them work
  • e-Race: Nitro RX/NitroCross - Wayne Ward reports on how this electric rally series provides what some would say is much needed viewing excitement
  • Focus: Heat treatments - Matt Grant explains the various heat treatments available for race engine components, and the benefits they can bring
  • PS: Fire pumps and race retro - Recalling the fire pumps provenance of the Coventry Climax FW derived from the Hillman Imp engine