Race Engine Technology Magazine - Issue 118

Race Engine Technology Magazine - Issue 118

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Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Prodrive World RX I4 Turbo, Race Engine Retro and the challenge of Formula E. Insights into valve seats and Jesel's Equal Eight as well as focus articles covering CAD, sensors and data acquisition. 


118 May 2019

  • Intro: THE EDITOR -  The ethos of our Race Engine Retro coverage is to investigate how today’s technology meets the engines of yesteryear. As is exemplified by Ed Pink’s recreation of his 1950-51 Flathead examined in this issue 

  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - Stefan Dreyer of Audi Motorsport discusses the challenges of the new powertrain rules in the DTM series, and Ducati’s Marco Zambenedetti discusses development of the WSBK Panigale V4 R 
  • Dossier: PRODRIVE WORLD RX I4 TURBO - Ian Bamsey investigates the design and development of this bespoke World Rallycross (WRX) engine, which uses a combination of port and direct injection, with the assistance of Arthur Shaw, who oversaw it. With research by Stewart Mitchell 
  • Focus: CAD - Engine design today would be unthinkable without the use of Computer Aided Design software. Matt Grant takes stock of contemporary CAD functionality and flags up some new and emerging developments 
  • Challenge Of: FORMULA E - NIO Formula E’s team principal Gerry Hughes gives us an insider’s view of the challenges presented by the second generation of electric single seater racecars, as Formula E progresses through season five 
  • Insight: VALVE SEATS - We ask experts at valve seat manufacturer CHE Precision and valve seat material supplier Materion Performance Alloys for their insider views on the state of the art in valve seat technology 
  • Insight: JESEL EQUAL EIGHT - Ian Bamsey reveals the thinking behind this pushrod V8, which takes the classic American racing engine to a new level, having been designed without a production basis or any regulatory constraints 
  • Focus: SENSORS AND DATA ACQUISITION - Matt Grant examines some of the most important sensors used to monitor the operation of race engines today, in the process highlighting developments in their technology and construction 
  • RACE ENGINE RETRO - Ed Pink recreates his classic Ford Flathead V8, John Stowe’s replacement cylinder head for the Jaguar XK6 4.2 litre I6, and how Prefix Performance harnessed Line2Line’s powder coatings technology for a Dodge Viper 8.2 litre V10