Quarter Master V-Drive Clutch Unit – 7.25″

Quarter Master V-Drive Clutch Unit – 7.25″

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V-Drive Clutch – 7.25″

298000 ~ 1-1/8" x 10 Spline, 2 disc

398000 ~ 1-1/8" x 10 Spline, 3 disc

298050 ~ 1-5/32" x 26 Spline, 2 disc

398050~ 1-5/32" x 26 Spline, 3 disc



V-Drive Clutches

Racers looking for a clutch that offers the best balance of performance, durability and affordability don’t need to look any further. The V-Drive series of clutches from Quarter Master® features an open design for cleaner and cooler operations. In addition, these clutches significantly reduce the moment of inertia (MOI) for lightweight power transfer. Top-quality friction material ensures reliability in the harshest racing conditions, while the light weight of the clutch provides superior performance.

  • Available with 5.5″ or 7.25″ discs

  • Available with or without button flywheel

  • 6-leg open cover offers strength & effective heat dissipation

  • Perfect for sportsman circle track, road course & off-road racers

  • Delivers ideal balance of light weight, proven durability & value

  • Premium internal friction material for high torque capacity

  • Racer rebuildable frictions & floaters provide long service life


Input Shaft

1-1/8" x 10-Spline, 1-5/32" x 26-Spline


Without Button Flywheel

Clutch Discs

2-Disc, 3-Disc

Disc Size


Clutch Series