Peterson Aluminium Breather / Catch Can

Peterson Aluminium Breather / Catch Can

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Breather Tank / Catch Can

This Peterson breather can is the most popular breather can. Used in many different applications to vent both dry sump oil tanks and engines. The choice of top motorsports teams in all forms of motorsports. The 08-0400 breather can features high quality spinnings and hand tig welded fittings. Mount bracket is included.


  • All Aluminium construction for light weight
  • Mount Bracket included
  • Built using high quality spinnings
  • Hand tig welded
  • Fully baffled inside for oil and air control
  • Coyote Can does not vent to atmosphere to meet emissions standards
  • Optional NHRA approved breather can
  • Height: 7" / 17.78cm
  • Diameter: 4.5" / 11.43cm
  • 2 x -12orb female ports