MSD Pro Mag 12LT Generator Short Suit Chevy With a Bronze Gear, Black

MSD Pro Mag 12LT Generator Short Suit Chevy With a Bronze Gear, Black

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Supplied with a bronze gear, band clamp, cap and rotor.

Brand Pro Mag
Colour Black
Primary Current 12 amps
Product Type Magneto

PART# 79082

Designed with Sprint cars in mind, the Pro-Mag 12LT is almost 30% lighter than the original Pro-Mag, but still produces the same incredible power. The compact housing sits an inch lower for improved clearance of the fuel injection, and it features a band clamp mount for easier timing adjustments. MSD has also designed a cap and rotor specifically for the 12LT series. The cap is injection molded from DuPont Rynite material, which possesses high dielectric properties and incredible strength. The innovative rotor design clamps to the shaft with a retaining bolt assembly and is also molded from Rynite. Note: A 12LT Generator cannot be upgraded to a 20 Amp Pro-Mag.

Instructions for part # 79082 79081

MSD Pro Mag 12 LT PN 79081 and PN 79082 are designed to work in RAISED CAM ENGINE BLOCKS using a DRY SUMP OILING SYSTEM only. They will work in engine blocks with 50mm, 55mm and 60mm cam tunnels. Installation of PN 79081 or PN 79082 in any other application is not recommended and can result in engine damage. If you have any questions or your engine does not fit the criteria please contact MSD Technical Support at (915) 855-7123 for information and the correct part number for your application.