Moroso Oil Accumulator, 3 Quart Capacity, 20-1/8" x 4-1/4"

Moroso Oil Accumulator, 3 Quart Capacity, 20-1/8" x 4-1/4"

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Moroso Oil Accumulator, 3 Quart Capacity, 20-1/8" x 4-1/4"


  • Three quarts of oil under pressure provides emergency supply instantaneously when needed
  • Air Pressure gauge verifies that Accumulator is ready for use
  • Cold start valve releases oil into cold engine for reduced wear
  • Tapped for 1/2" NPT fitting
  • Can be mounted in any position using Moroso Part No. 23920 Accumulator Mount
  • Includes a manual ball valve


The Accumulator is tapped to the pressure side of the engine s oiling system. When the engine is running, oil pressure forces reserve oil into the accumulator and compresses the air ahead of it.

If oil pressure should suddenly drop because of hard acceleration, severe cornering or hard braking, the air pressure immediately sends oil to the main galleries. When the danger is over and the pump is once again primed with oil, the oil pressure forces oil back into the Accumulator where it is ready for the next emergency.


What are Moroso Accumulators and how are they used on a race car or high performance vehicle engine?

  • Oil accumulators are oil storage tanks, connected into the engine s oiling system that have pressurized air on one side, and engine oil on the other side of a movable piston.
  • When engine pressure fluctuates due to oil surging away from the pickup during hard acceleration, severe cornering or hard braking, a Moroso Accumulator equipped engine
  • provides an instantaneous supply of oil to the engine.
  • When the fluctuation is over and the oil pump is once again primed with oil, the engine s oil pressure forces this reserve of oil back into the Accumulator. When the engine returns to normal pressure, the Accumulator refills automatically, ready for the next possible occurrence.

How are Moroso Accumulators constructed?

  • The main body of a Moroso Accumulator is constructed out of heavy-wall, high pressure hydraulic cylinder aluminium tubing that has an interior bore which has been micro-rolled and polished with a hardcoat finish.
  • Inside the Accumulator is a movable, billet aluminium double o-ringed piston, which keeps the air from mixing with the oil.
  • The difference between the Moroso Accumulator and the Moroso Heavy Duty Accumulator is the design and construction of the billet aluminum o-ringed end caps. The Accumulators have end caps that hold in the Accumulator body with high tension snap rings. The end caps on the Heavy Duty Accumulator are actually designed like threaded cups, the body threads into these end caps, encompassing the ends of the Accumulator
  • On all Moroso Accumulators, the end cap on the air side has an air gauge and Schrader valve and on the oil side, a 1 2" NPT fitting end cap for plumbing in the oiling system.

What are Different valving options for Moroso Accumulators?

  • For an Accumulator to function at their fullest, it needs to have a valve assembly and each Moroso Accumulator comes a manual ball valve. The valve has to be manually opened by hand before starting the car to pre-oil the engine, offering surge protection while the vehicle is in use and will close when the engine is turned off.
  • Moroso offers two styles of optional electric valves: Solenoid Valve (electric), allows remote control of the Accumulator. Solenoid Pressure Valve Kits are the best performing for competition vehicles and are offered in different oil pressure ranges of 15-24 PSI, 35-40 PSI and 55-60 PSI discharge and refill. They have all the benefits of the Solenoid Valve but with quicker reaction times because the Solenoid Pressure Valve allows only the needed volume of oil to be released for faster filling and discharging. An internal sensor electronically activates when engine oil pressure drops below normal

Can I cause Engine Wear just by starting my engine?

    • Independent tests have shown that on street cars, over 85% of engine wear is caused by starting an engine, and that these "dry starts" cause premature engine wear
    • Moroso Accumulators can prevent cold start scuffing by pre-oiling the engine before start up, thus producing a dramatic increase in cylinder wall, piston ring and bearing longevity.

Which Accumulator is best for my Application?

      • 3-Quart capacity Moroso Accumulators are for V-8 and larger, high performance 6 cylinder applications
      • 1.5-Quart capacity Accumulators are for 4 & 6 cylinders, applications where a 3-quart capacity with not fit and when the Accumulator s main function is to pre-oil the engine before start up

How can I plumb an Accumulator into the engine s Oiling System?

Moroso Accumulators require only one line which can be:

      • "T-ed" into the return line of an oil cooler and/or remote oil filter
      • Run through an Accumulator Adapter (page 152) that mounts between the engine s spin on oil filter and the engine, OR
      • Run directly into a oil galley in the engine block that is on the pressure side of the engine s oiling system

Can I Free up Horsepower with an Accumulator?

    • Drag Racers have successfully used Moroso Accumulators to free up horsepower by running less oil in the oil pan