Longacre oil pressure warning light/battery pack kit

Longacre oil pressure warning light/battery pack kit

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Longacre oil pressure warning light/battery pack kit
Part #: LON-52-45624

• Lightweight 9V Battery holder
• Warning light
• Low oil pressure switch - 20psi
• Heavy Duty Mag Kill Switch
• Weatherproof Switch Cover
• Wire & Terminals
• Sold as kit



Style: Toggle
Circuit Activation: Constant
Pole: Single
Throw: Single
Rating: 40 amps @ 12 volts
Materials: Steel/Plastic
Switch Weatherproofed: Yes
Switch Cover: Silicon rubber
Cover Weatherproof: Yes
Style: Oil Pressure
Rating: 20 psi
Adjustable: No
Fitting: 1/8" NPT
Warning Light
Color: Red
Diameter: 3/4"
Rating: 12 volts
Bulb: #194
Style: 16 Gauge
Color: Red
Length: 60"
Style 1: Insulated blade (3 each)
Style 2: Ring stud (3 each)
Fitting: 1/8" NPT Female x 3 Tee (1 each)
Battery Holder: 9 volt


Sprint Car Battery Pack Wiring Instructions - PN 45620 / 45624

  • Switch down - mag grounded, motor off, light off
  • Switch up - mag ungrounded, motor on, light on

If back of switch will get wet during use or washdown seal it with a good silicone sealer. Switch problems are almost always caused by dirt carried by water.

Sprint car battery pack

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