KSE GEN2 Steering Box

KSE GEN2 Steering Box

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KSE GEN2 Steering box
Part #: KSG-GEN2L-xxxx

Many options are available for the GEN2 Steering boxes so please give us a call on 07 3808 4333 to place your order.

Features & Benefits

Built-in Reservoir:
The reservoir is built into the live hub tube of the gear. This design eliminates turbulence, aeration, and provides the most cooling of any tank KSE has tested. The easy-fill 2” diameter cap is vented and has a built-in dipstick.

Positive Feel:
The four-degree valve and 20% faster lead ball screw transfers quicker front wheel feedback to the hydraulic assist to improve front wheel stability. The inboard mount improves top steering gear mount rigidity, which reduces the rotation of the gear box in the chassis when steering.

Improved Durability:
Solid-model design and structural analysis were utilized to design a casting that is considerably stronger. The cross shaft tooth form is 40% stronger. The inboard mount eliminates the steering gear as a structural member of the chassis.

Less Weight:
The Gen2 is one of the lightest steering gear currently on the market! It is comparable to the weight of the KSE Pro Lite gear and is 25% lighter than the previous KSE gear. Check out our new "Black Series" gear for an even lighter weight steering gear.

Simplified Plumbing:
A #10 line from the built-in reservoir to the pump inlet, and a #6 pressure line from the pump to the pressure port is all that is needed. The return to the reservoir is internally ported. The Gen2 also has standard #4 ORB wing slider ports

Easier and Cleaner Installation:
The inboard mount makes installation and removal quicker and easier. It also improves leg-room and minimizes throttle linkage issues. The built-in reservoir and internal plumbing eliminate hoses, fittings and a remote-mounted reservoir. The built-in wing slide ports eliminate fittings and hoses — further simplifying installation.

No "Tight” Spots:
Tight spots are caused by the steering load being greater than the pressure the pump can deliver. Output torque has been increased by 15% relative to pressure. The inboard mount also eliminates binding of the steering gear due to chassis flex.

The industry-leading Gen2 is priced comparable to the previous standard KSE gear with a dead-tube reservoir. All-in-all, the outstanding quality, durability, and the extras add up to an amazing value. Don't be fooled by "warranties”...we pride ourselves on producing the absolute best products at the fairest prices with unmatched service.