KSE Belt Drive TandemX Pump - Suit 750HP+ Alcohol

KSE Belt Drive TandemX Pump - Suit 750HP+ Alcohol

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KSE Belt Drive TandemX Pump
Part #: KSC-1064-004

Performance & Simplicity

The all new KSE TandemX Pump is based upon the design of its popular predecessor and is a highly developed "two-in-one” high performance power steering & fuel pump. This pump has been designed to help simplify the racer's engine setup and plumbing while providing the utmost in performance and durability.

Compact & Efficient

The TandemX Pump utilizes a single shaft drive to operate both the power steering and fuel pumps for reduced mechanical efficiency losses. The TandemX Pump is compact and is designed to fit almost any racing application with a variety of sizes and mounting configurations.

Design Features & Benefits

Weight Savings
The updated TandemX design includes an integral power steering relief and a sleek, new lightened profile which has allowed for a 25% weight reduction over the previous design. This pump additionally offers a considerable weight savings over installing a separate conventional power steering pump and belt drive fuel pump...not to mention the $$$ savings!

Smooth & Efficient Operation
The TandemX is a gerotor style pump and can be characterized by its durability and efficient operation. This allows for smooth, uniform flow and improved priming capability (unlike diaphragm fuel pumps).

Reduced Fluid Temps
The TandemX pump utilizes a phenolic insulator between the power steering and fuel sections in order to reduce heat transfer from one pumping element to the other.

Improved Flow Performance
The TandemX utilizes special tear-drop timed kidney porting and updated inlet & outlet ORB port sizing for improved fill capacity & flow characteristics for the power steering and fuel pump sections.

Alcohol & Gasoline Compatible
The TandemX is fully compatible with both alcohol & gasoline. The pump can be equipped with one of two optional fuel displacements based on the engine's horsepower rating.