JOES Micro Sprint Yamaha R6 Motor Mount

JOES Micro Sprint Yamaha R6 Motor Mount

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JOES Yamaha R6 Motor Mount
Part #: JOE-25880

We’ve made our Yamaha Motor Mount EVEN BETTER!

  • IT’S LIGHTER – We’ve re-engineered all the hardware and added pockets to remove excess material while maximizing strength
  • IT’S STRONGER – Our new Triangulated Turnbuckle Design allows you to maximize stiffness and reduce vibration. These improvements increases drive off the corner while being even stronger and lighter than other mounts on the market. Fully designed and machined in house, this mount was specifically engineered to deal with the highest torque engines being built today that are twisting other mounts. Our new Triangulated Turnbuckle design allows you to fully tension your side plates to provide maximum rigidity in your engine mount. This will eliminate flex and maximize horsepower transfer to your axle and wheels. Kit comes with all hardware including aluminum Heim joints to reduce even more weight.
  • Fits all 1999 and newer engines. This kit includes every piece you need no matter the year of your motor.  
  • Designed for chassis with 11¾” width lower rails (outside to outside dimension)

• Colour: Black
• Sold as kit.

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