Intercomp Valve Spring Tester - 1000lbs

Intercomp Valve Spring Tester - 1000lbs

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Intercomp Valve Spring Tester
Part #: INT-100058

Standard features include:

• Measure up to 1000lbs (454KG)
• Accuracy: +/- 0.25%
• Travel: 4"
• Portable Digital Force & Travel Indication
• Peak Hold Feature Saves Maximum Reading
• Caster/Camber Select With Built-In Diagnostic Mode for Resetting Camber Zero
• Excellent for Testing Valve, Clutch, Shock & Pressure
• Measures Relief Springs up to 2" (50mm) in Diameter
• Readout in 0.2lb (kg) Increments
• Backlit for Night Use
• Standard 9-Volt Battery Operation
• Sold Individually

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