HKS Sport Brake Fluid ~ 1 Litre

HKS Sport Brake Fluid ~ 1 Litre

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Enjoy better performance in sports driving!

Wide range brake fluid ideal for sports driving and track event.

  • DOT 5.1 spec makes street and circuit driving more reliable.
    ※For race use, HKS BRAKE FLUID Racing Pro is recommended.
  • The boiling point is higher than the one for street driving, and the kinematic viscosity is also higher; therefore, the brake pedal feeling is more exact while circuit driving.
  • This one is ideal for various uses. Versatile brake fluid for ultimate driving.

HKS brake fluid was designed and tested based on various data from the races to proof its performance with a tuning car that requires severe braking. HKS offers 3 types of brake fluid that can be chosen according to the purpose of use, and these assist reliable braking from street to circuit driving.
※Use the fluid all at once.

BRAKE FLUID Sport 1L 52003-AK003