HKS Racing Pro Brake Fluid ~ 500ml

HKS Racing Pro Brake Fluid ~ 500ml

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A racing brake fluid with ultimate performance and made for winning!

  • High dry boiling point of 333℃ and the performance equivalent to the highest DOT 5.1 specification.
  • R35 GT-R(HKS 1300hp spec.) could withstand the conditions under full-braking at 330km/h.
  • Appropriate brake feeling is provided for a vehicle without Mastervac. (For a vehicle with Mastervac, this product works with no problem.)

Professional use racing brake fluid for racing purpose

※Use the fluid all at once.
※Replace the brake hose to a mesh hose.
※Drain the fluid when a vehicle is stored for a long term.
※Replace at regular interval.

BRAKE FLUID Racing Pro 0.5L 52003-AK002