HKS 50th Anniversary Steering Wheel Nardi Sports 34S

HKS 50th Anniversary Steering Wheel Nardi Sports 34S

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  • An exquisite 3400 mm size steering wheel!
  • A steering wheel that supports HKS in the motorsports scene, a collaboration model with NARDI was launched. CLASSIC SPORTS TYPE A's special specification, 340mm, is employed to realize discerning operability. The dimpled black punching leather is a sports-use model with excellent grip It is a masterpiece made by hand by authentic Italian craftsmen.
  • The edges are cross-stitched in three oil colors, and the HKS original horn button is placed in the center.
  • Country of Origin: Italy

A separate purchase of the steering wheel hub adaptor boss kit for a specific model is required.

Overall Size Grip Finger Grip Spokes Depth Weight stitch
Shape Material Color Thickness
dia. 340 mm Round Punched leather Black dia. 30-27 mm
(due to slightly oval shape)
Yes Black 42 mm 950 g Oil color
  • The color of the bezel has changed to silver from the previous one.

  • Stitch

  • Includes the HKS 50th Anniversary Plate as a gift.