Dart SHP PRO Small Block Chevy Cast Iron Bare Engine Block, 4.125" Bore, 350 Main

Dart SHP PRO Small Block Chevy Cast Iron Bare Engine Block, 4.125" Bore, 350 Main

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Dart SHP PRO Small Block Chevy Cast Iron Bare Engine Block, 4.125" Bore, 350 Main

The SHP PRO has been upgraded with machining options which were previously only available as custom modifications.

With all the standard features of the SHP (Special High Performance) block plus upgraded mains, cam and lifters, the SHP PRO block is the ideal foundation for small block engines with high RPM potential. The added stability provided by upgraded valve train and bottom end components improve both performance and reliability at sustained high RPM.


• Upgraded with Billet Steel 4-bolt main caps.

• Upgraded with ARP main stud kit.

• Upgraded with .904” lifter bores.

• Upgraded with BBC cam journal.

• Parts kit included (PN 32000014)

• Cam Bearings NOT INCLUDED (PN 32210010)



• Priority main oiling system.

• Oil restrictors available through aftermarket resources.

• Siamese cylinder bores with extra thick walls.

• Extra thick decks ensure a reliable head gasket seal.

• Blind head bolt holes don’t go through to water jacket.

• Clearance for 3.750” stroke w/steel rods.

• Splayed outer bolts on middle main bearing caps.

• All OE bolt holes for starter, clutch ball, etc.


Tech Sheet: SBC SHP PRO Block Information Packet – B02

Dart SBC SHP Pro Iron Block

Part#  31161212 4.125” bore

Material: Cast Iron

Bore: 4.125” unfinished

Bore & stroke: 4.165”x 3.875”

Cam bearing bore ID: BBC – 2.120”

Cam bearings: Special coated, grooved, w/3 oil holes PN# 32210010 (Set) NOT INCLUDED

Cam Bearing O.S. + .010”, +.020”, +.030”

Cam bearing press: .002”

Cam journal OD: Standard BBC – 1.949” Dia.

Cam Plug: Standard BBC – 2.215” cup plug PN# 32520000 (Ea.)

Cylinder Wall Thickness: .200”- .230” @ 4.125”

Deck Height: 9.025”

Deck Thickness: Thick decks for optimal head gasket sealing

Fuel Pump: Mechanical pump provision

Fuel Pump Pushrod: Standard Length

Freeze Plugs: Press in cup plugs 1 5/8” Dia.

Lifter Bores: .904” Dia.

Main bearing size: 2.450” (350) 

Main bearing bore: (350) 2.6405 – 2.6415 

Main Cap Studs: #1 7/16” Inner & 3/8” Outer #2, #3, #4 7/16” Inner & Outer Splayed #5 7/16” Inner & 3/8” Outer

Main cap press: .005”

Main caps: Billet Steel

Main cap register: Deep stepped register on each side (no need for dowels)

Oil system: Wet Sump - Main Priority Oiling (can use dry sump)

Oil Pump shaft: 350 main = Stock shaft (.481” OD)

Oil Restrictors No lifter oil galley restriction

Oil Filter: Standard SBC filter uses 2 bolt filter adapter

Oil Pan: Standard SBC oil pan with right side dipstick.

Rear Main Seal 350 main - STD 2 piece seal 400 main standard 2 piece seal

Serial No. Left front & Main caps

Starter: Standard SBC

Stud holes, Head: Blind holes

Timing chain/gears Standard SBC components

Timing Cover: Can use stock cover.

Torque Specs: 1 - 5 7/16” Studs 65 ft lbs 1 & 5 3/8” Studs 35 ft lbs

Weight: 175 lbs.