Dart Iron Eagle Sportsman Series Engine Block SB Ford 4.125" Bore, 302 Main, 8.200" Deck Height

Dart Iron Eagle Sportsman Series Engine Block SB Ford 4.125" Bore, 302 Main, 8.200" Deck Height

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Clearance Dart Iron Eagle Sportsman Series Engine Block SB Ford 4.125" Bore, 302 Main, 8.200" Deck Height

Part# 31354275 
Material: Superior iron alloy
Bore: 4.125" (unfinished)
Bore/Stroke: 4.185" x 3.500" (max recommended)
Cam Bearing Bore ID: SVO 2.203" - 2.205"
Cam Bearings: Specially-coated & grooved with three oil holes (Not included)
Cam Bearing OS: +.010", +.020", +.030"
Cam Bearing Press: .002" - .003"
Cam Journal OD: Standard Ford Small Block
Cam Plug: 2-3/8" Dia. cup plug
Cylinder Wall Thickness: .250" minimum @ 4.185" bore
Cubic Inch: 385ci max recommended
Deck Height: 8.200"
Deck Thickness: .675" minimum
Fuel Pump: Mechanical pump provision
Freeze Plugs: Standard Ford Press-in cup plugs 1-1/2" O.D.
Head Bolts: 1/2" Blind holes
Lifter Bores: Standard Ford .8747" - .8757" Honed to size
Lifters: Stock Ford hyd rollers, Solid hyd, flat tappet or rollers
Main Bearing Size: 2.249" (302)
Main Bearing Bore: Standard Ford 2.441" - 2.442" Honed to size
Main Thrust Width: .926" - .928"
Main Caps: Steel- 4 bolt, center 3
Main Cap Register: Deep stepped register on each side (no need for dowels)
Main Cap Press: .003" - .004"
Main Cap Bolts: #1 - #5 1/2" (2)
#2, #3 & #4: 7/16" splayed (2)
Main Cap Torque: #1 - #5: 105 ft/lbs (1/2" bolts); #2, #3 & #4: 65 ft/lbs (Outer 7/16" bolts)
Oil System: Priority Main oiling
Oil Filter: Standard Ford filter
Oil Pan: Aftermarket Ford 302 with dipstick in pan required
Rear Main Seal: 4.250" x 3.625" Standard 1-Piece seal - Felpro #2922 or #2941
Serial Number: On Right front and main caps
Starter: Standard
Stud Hole/Head: 1/2" Standard SVO with Blind holes
Timing Chain/Gears: Standard SBF components
Timing Cover: Uses stock 302 aluminium cover
Weight: 195 lbs


Dart’s Iron blocks for Ford are designed to work with stock components, but are much more than a stock replacement.
Designed from the ground up for hard core racing, all the weaknesses of the factory castings have been addressed. Dart blocks are cast from premium high strength Iron with extra thick cylinder walls and decks. The main webs are beefed up and fitted with steel 4-bolt main caps.

• Siamesed cylinders: Standard 4.000” or 4.125” cylinders can be safely bored to 4.185” diameter, extra thick walls prevent cracking and improve ring seal.

• Extended cylinder barrels for improved piston support.

• Four deck heights: 8.200” (302), 8.700” (stroker 302), 9.200” (351C) and 9.500” (351W) allow increased displacements up to 468 cubic inches.

• Steel 4-bolt main bearing caps are standard. Three centre caps have splayed outer bolts for maximum strength.

• Two main bearing diameters: 302 (2.249”) or 351C (2.749”) allow choice of small or large journal crankshaft.

• Upgraded oiling system has been completely redesigned with a low restriction priority main oiling system with rear external oil pump feed.

• Reinforced head bolt bosses are blind tapped to prevent leaks and produce accurate torque readings. Extra thick decks prevent head gasket leaks.

• Parts kit included (PN 32000003)