CTW RD 2 The Rotational Damper and Shock Dyno

CTW RD 2 The Rotational Damper and Shock Dyno

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RD 2 Specification Sheet

* CTW introduces the RD 2, the Rotational Damper dyno for the racing community for testing shocks.

RD 2 General Dimensions PDF

RD 2 Power Curve:  Imperial units,    Metric unit


* Force measured via Interface 3K S-Beam load cell with 

     - option for a pancake style based on non-linear loading requirements

     - 4 bolt crossbar upgrade


* CTW designed 3 stroke crank head for frequency variation in testing

   using either Imperial or Metric spacing - defined at time of order

     - 0.5" / 1.0" / 2.0" strokes


* Peak velocity over 30 in/sec on the maximum stroke

     - ultimate force / velocity determined by the damper and piston

     - Linear design will vary from digressive


* Peak forces based on damper design and CTW determined velocity


     - 1200+ lbs. at 10 in/sec


* CTW designed 4 channel signal conditioning board capable of accepting

   various sensor inputs for ultimate flexability to the user

     - Displacement, Force, Temperature standard


* Data sampled at 16 bit resolution via CTW specified data card


* Position adjustable non-contacting IR temperature sensor

   - Allows for Temperature based warm-up


* Precision 1.25" shafting designed for high strength and low weight


* Input power supply options

  - 200/240 VAC I phase power

  - 17.8 Amps. peak input power


* Software operates and all platforms for data viewing, Windows, Apple, tablet and phones

     - Demo version available so that you can always have access to your data

 * Cloud based data storage available in conjunction with viewing on small devices for better and faster communication between customers and damper manufacture.