Quarter Master Friction Disc Pack (5.5″, 3-Disc, 1" x 23-Spline)

Quarter Master Friction Disc Pack (5.5″, 3-Disc, 1" x 23-Spline)

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Friction Disc Pack (5.5″, 3-Disc, 1″ x 23-Spline)




New Spec
 .105″ / Discard Spec .095″ / Allowable Warpage .006″

Quarter Master® Friction Disc Packs feature an advanced friction formula developed from rigorous testing and feedback in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. The increased torque capacity gives the driver a better clutch pedal feel, thereby improving drivability. Performance is also improved due to the increased coefficient of friction. Each disc pack comes standard in our clutch products and is available with one, two or three discs. They can also be used in competing products using .105″-thick frictions.

  • Disc packs w/ improved friction formula for racing applications

  • Friction formula developed from extensive testing w/ NASCAR Sprint Cup race teams

  • Increased torque capacity provides better clutch pedal feel

  • Heavy-duty frictions are utilized for improved durability

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