Chevrolet Performance 19417351 - LSX Standard Deck Bowtie Cast Iron Bare Block

Chevrolet Performance 19417351 - LSX Standard Deck Bowtie Cast Iron Bare Block

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The LSX Bowtie Block is hands down the strongest LS block you will find for the money. Tried and true north of 2000 horsepower, you'll have trouble finding the limits of the LSX block. For power potential, it is based primarily on the LS7 block's architecture, but for power handling it has been cast in iron and employs both thicker deck and bores, as well as employing 6-bolt cylinder head provisions for the maximum clamping capabilities on the cylinder heads.


  • 3.880" finished siamese cylinder bores
  • 9.260" semi-finished deck height
  • Capable of 364-482 cubic inch displacements
  • CNC-Machined Cast Iron Block
  • True Priority Main Oiling
  • 6-head bolts per cylinder
  • Standard 4.400" bore spacing
  • Extra thick siamese cylinder bores
  • Semi-finished machined thicker decks
  • LS7 style 6-bolt dowel located billet main caps
  • Wet sump and dry sump oiling capabilities
  • Production style deep skirt head bolt holes
  • Production bolt hole and thread sizes
  • Production exterior accessory mounting provisions
  • Front motor plate mounting holes
  • Added material around cam bearings for strength
  • Standard .842" lifter bores
  • Accommodates all LS oil pans and oil pumps
  • External oil pump feed at rear of block
  • Main web bay to bay breathing to support greater horsepower
  • Requires and includes unique camshaft retainer plate, rear cover, and lifter retainers
  • Comes in at approx 225 pounds