Callies 6.200" Ultra Enforcer Connecting Rods Suit Chrysler Hemi

Callies 6.200" Ultra Enforcer Connecting Rods Suit Chrysler Hemi

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  • Callies Ultra Enforcer connecting rods are produced from extremely clean TimkenSteel Product that is formulated to our exact specifications. This proprietary steel is forged in Trenton, Michigan, and manufactured 100% in our Fostoria, Ohio facility. Pride in workmanship, and attention to detail are qualities you’ll discover during careful examination of our finished product. Each step of the manufacturing history of every Ultra connecting rod is meticulously maintained by our manufacturing team. You can be confident of the material and workmanship of these quality components.

    Designed with fortified tower flanges, Enforcer I-beam connecting rods are the ideal component for turbo charged and super charged engines.

Ultra Enforcer Connecting Rods

Standard Features

    • Produced from clean 4330V TimkenSteel product
    • Intended for boosted applications
    • Buckle resistant I-Beam design
    • Increased mass, pressure Angle Arches, guarantee wrist pin stability
    • Robust tower flanges provide enhanced resistance to bend and twist
    • Up to 250 HP per cylinder
    • L-19 bolts

*Image for illustration purposes only, actual item may vary.

  • Mopar / Viper
    Description Rod Journal Typical Wt. Part #  
    6.200   2.123  764 g.  U14345