B&M Hi-Tek Deep Powerglide Transmission Pan - Aluminium

B&M Hi-Tek Deep Powerglide Transmission Pan - Aluminium

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Fits GM Powerglide PART# 70280

Our Hi-Tek™ deep transmission pans are constructed from A356-T6 aluminium and are cast with thick external fins, adding additional strength and increased cooling properties. The deep pan design increases fluid capacity by 2-quarts over the stock O.E. steel pan. All these features combined help dissipate heat quicker netting lower transmission and fluid temperatures prolonging the life of your transmission, transmission fluid and corresponding components. Other features for this popular pan include a pan gasket, filter, filter extension, pan gasket and drain port with magnetic drain plug for clean and easy servicing. Includes detailed instructions with all necessary hardware for an easy at home installation.


  • Finned Design for Added Strength and Cooling
  • Includes New Filter & Filter Pick-up Extension
  • Drain Port with Magnetic Drain Plug
  • Includes all Hardware and Gasket
  • Additional 2-quart Fluid Capacity
  • Improved Cooling Properties
  • No Dipstick Modification