ATM Innovation XRB Series 750cfm E85 Blower Carburettors ~ Matched Pair

ATM Innovation XRB Series 750cfm E85 Blower Carburettors ~ Matched Pair

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ATM Innovation

Model: XRB E85

Size: 750cfm

Fuel: E85

Style: Blower/Supercharger Carburettor 

Coating: Black Anodised Finish

Sold As A Matched Pair

Part # XRB-750E85-B2-BD 


  • QFT™ die cast aluminum main body w/changeable idle- and high-speed air bleeds
  • Billet 2-circuit, 4-emulsion metering blocks
  • 4-corner idle adjustment
  • Braswell™ Fuel Chute Lite dual inlet/dual sight-window fuel bowls
  • Billet throttle body w/slabbed throttle shafts

ATM's 2x4 blower carbs feature shortened throttle levers for clearance. The ATM engineers added an external vacuum reference tube for the power valve to connect to the intake manifold with a hose. This allows the power valve to see only positive pressure at Wide Open Throttle, eliminating the possibility of the power valve closing if the supercharger starts to "out run" the carb.

The 2x4 blower carbs have all the vacuum ports removed to avoid any plugs or hoses blowing off under boost conditions. The specially designed throttle body features built in channels to guide excess fuel from the top of the throttle plates around the throttle shafts and back into the intake manifold. This lessens the possibility of the fuel build up running out the throttle shafts onto the hot intake manifold.


Product Details:

ATM’s most versatile E85 carburettors are its XRB Series that feature a 4150-style flange in sizes from 650cfm all the way up to 1050cfm. It is the perfect blend of a precision die cast aluminum QFT™ carb body with ATM 2-circuit, 4-emulsion billet metering blocks and a billet aluminum throttle body. The idle and high-speed air bleeds and the idle fuel feed and power valve channel restrictions can be changed to tailor a precise fuel curve your application.

Incoming fuel is managed by Braswell™ Fuel Chute Lite dual inlet, dual sight-window fuel bowls. They are setup for 7/8”-20 AN #6 fittings that provide a tight, leak-resistant seal.

The billet components add durability for frequent calibration changes and strength for the extreme throttle action associated with racing. E85 XRBs come with a gold corrosion-resistant finished and black anodized billet metering blocks and billet throttle bodies.



ATM Innovation is a new high performance company backed by one of the most experienced teams in race carburetor technology. It’s true “that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and CEO Angela Benoit Neely has spent years following in her father’s (Marvin Benoit [founder of Quick Fuel Technology™]) footsteps. She is launching ATM Innovation with years of experience at QFT™ under her belt.