Race Engine Technology Magazine - Issue 130

Race Engine Technology Magazine - Issue 130

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Are you a petrol head?

If so, you should have a subscription to Race Engine Technology. It is one of our favourite magazines, and it is chock full of in depth technical articles.


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Race Engine Technology - Issue 130

Highlights in this issue include a dossier on the Gibson GL458 B-Spec and we talk to David Dicker of Rodin Cars about his plans for high-performance road and race single-seaters. We look at the challenge of classic rallying, the advantages of capacitor discharge ignition systems for drag ignition and the Nissan SR20 compound turbo project headed by Shane Tecklenburg. Our focus articles explore QC & QA and CNC hardware. We have the latest instalments of our e-Race Power Expo and Race Engine Retro features and much more...



  • Intro: THE EDITOR - In building its own V10 for road and race use, one manufacturer is earning the right to be considered a proper marque
  • Grid: IN THE NEWS - The range of Le Mans Prototype engine types is set to grow but the end of the IC engine era looms ever-nearer, an early look at the new WRC contenders from M-Sport, and the role ‘Buckyballs’ play in lubrication
  • In Conversation: DAVID DICKER - The owner of Rodin Cars tells Ian Bamsey of his plans for developing high-performance road and race single-seaters
  • Dossier: GIBSON GL458 B-SPEC - Wayne Ward reports on the development of the latest derivative of this V8, which builds on a 20-year record of endurance racing success
  • Holeshot: DRAG IGNITION DEVELOPMENT - In his new regular drag race insight, Luke Robinson explains the advantages of capacitor discharge ignition systems over magnetos
  • Focus: QC & QA - Matt Grant explains the key elements of quality management and how they are shaped by international cross-industry standards
  • Challenge Of: CLASSIC RALLYING - Kevin Theaker of Rallysport Development tells Ian Bamsey how he keeps the Fiat 131 Abarth and the Ford Escort MkII RS Group 4 cars in competition
  • Project: NISSAN SR20 COMPOUND TURBO - Shane Tecklenburg introduces Ian Bamsey to a project to develop 3000 bhp from a 2.2 litre Nissan I4
  • Focus: CNC HARDWARE - Wayne Ward discusses the technology that underpins CNC machine tools – which encompass a surprising range of actual machines
  • E-RACE POWER - The DHBW Stuttgart Formula Student team explains its choice of separate in-wheel motors for its racecars
  • RACE ENGINE RETRO - How one man continues to campaign his 1973 Hillman Imp-based Davrian Mk6