HKS Stainless Steel Downpipe For Honda Civic Type-R FK8

HKS Stainless Steel Downpipe For Honda Civic Type-R FK8

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Front pipe increased to 3 inches.
Catless downpipe.
Improves power delivery and throttle response.




The K20C engine was designed for use in a normal road car and features a catalytic converter, removing this converter eliminates its restricting effects which significantly increases the engine horsepower.
HKS developed an extension pipe without the catalytic converter and a frontpipe that will connect it to a catback exhaust system.



  • Removing catalytic converter results in a more linear boost and throttle response.
  • Uses 3 inch pipes, compatible with HKS catback exhausts.
  • A perfect addition to intake, intercooler and other HKS products for future ECU tuning and boostup.
  • Decreases secondary exhaust gas pressure from turbine and reduces exhaust restriction.




Max Power Max Torque
HKS (100 Octane) 383HP / 6500rpm HKS (100 Octane) 376Ft-Lbs / 6500rpm
HKS (91 Octane) 349HP / 630rpm HKS (91 Octane) 360Ft-Lbs / 6300rpm
Stcok (91 Octane) 300HP / 6000rpm Stcok (91 Octane) 295Ft-Lbs / 4400rpm



HKS Engine Spec

Intake HKS Carbon air intake system Blow-off HKS SSQV Kit
Piping HKS Piping Kit Intercooler HKS Intercooler Kit
Oil cooler HKS Oil cooler Kit Downpipe HKS Racing Extension
Exhaust HKS LEGAMAX Premium ECU Honda Flash Pro






Vehicle Model Engine Model Year Code No. Price Remarks
CIVIC TYPE R FK8 K20C 17/09- 33006-KH001