Weld Wheel Torque Specifications

Torque Specifications

Lug Nuts:

7/16 Wheel stud: 75-85 ft-lbs
1/2 Wheel stud: 85-95 ft-lbs
5/8 Wheel stud: 130-140 ft-lbs
12mm: 90 ft-lbs
14mm: 110 ft-lbs
*Weld Racing does not recommend the use of lubricant when installing lug nuts.


Drag Race and Oval Track Center Bolts:

10in Wheels: 10 ft-lbs (123 in-lbs)
13in Wheels: 20 ft-lbs (245 in-lbs)
15in Wheels: 20 ft-lbs (245 in-lbs)
16in Wheels: 20 ft-lbs (245 in-lbs)
Note: If re-installing the center bolts, we recommend using one drop of Red Loctite 2760 on each bolt and allow 24 hours to cure. Loctite 272 may also be used if 2760 cannot obtained. Loctite 272 will require 72 hours to cure to full strength. Loctite activator 7649 may be used in combination with either Loctite thread locker listed to decrease the cure time to 30 minutes. Torque sequence for the center bolts is the same sequence used for lug nuts (star/crisscross pattern).


Drag Race and Oval Track Beadlock Bolts:

10in Wheels: 8.9 ft-lbs (107 in-lbs)
13in Wheels: 18 ft-lbs (221 in-lbs)
15in Wheels: 18 ft-lbs (221 in-lbs)
16in Wheels: 18 ft-lbs (221 in-lbs)
Note: Anti-Seize is recommended for each beadlock bolt


Drag Race Rotor Stud Installation onto 15” Spindle Mount Wheels:

Apply blue or red Loctite on the coarse thread end of each stud and install to finger tight into wheel. The fine threads used for the rotor assembly nuts should be torqued to 34ft-lbs with no Loctite recommended on these fine threads.