T & D Machine Products ~ Rocker Arms


High performance shaft mount rocker arm systems for OEM, aftermarket and custom cylinder head applications. 

T&D performance shaft mount rocker arm systems are available for over 400 types of cylinder heads with a wide range of offsets and ratios. T&D rockers come in both light weight aluminum or steel for the ultimate in strength and endurance. 

T&D rockers are available on a build-to-order status for proper performance and reliability.  Custom rocker arm systems for specialty cylinder heads and customised valve positioning are available by special order. 


Ordering Checklist

Cylinder Heads


+ Cylinder Head Mfg / Part #: Head type (aftermarket vs OEM). Part #s are often stamped in front / rear of castings.
+ Valve Length: Measured as overall length or + overlength from OEM dimensions
+ Spring Diameter: Diameter or Mfg part #.
+ Pushrod Diameter: Width measured in thousandths.
+ Lash Caps: If installed on tip of valve stem – yes or no.
+ Rocker Ratios: Intake & Exhaust
+ Head Porting Information: If yes, please include provider name / company to determine alteration of valve spacing.


+ Block Type / Brand: Mfg / Part # (aftermarket vs OEM).
+ Cam Location: Standard or raised on aftermarket blocks for crankshaft clearance.
+ Deck Height: Standard or raised of aftermarket blocks for large displacement applications
+ Cam Type: Hydraulic, Roller or Hydraulic Roller
+ Lobe or Valve Lift: Lobe if rocker ratio is unknown.
+ Lifter Offset: Standard or Offset (Intake and / or Exhaust)
+ Lifter Height: Standard or Tall


Available Options

+ Spring Oil Hole:
+ Shotpeening:
+ Std or Lightweight:
+ Needle Bearing Tips:
+ Accessories: 
+ Spare Rockers: Quantity needed.