Jesel Keyway Roller Lifters

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Often copied. Never duplicated.

Since their release nearly 20 years ago, Jesel has built our Precision Roller Lifters with features that other companies are just starting to call standard.  Features such as the use of exotic materials for the rollers and axles, friction reducing coatings on the bodies and precision sorted bearings that are cooled and kept free from debris by pressure fed oiling have been incorporated into every Jesel lifter ever made. 

Jesel Keyway lifter bodies are fitted with a keyway pin that rides in an index slot milled in a bronze lifter bushing. This design provides precise cam/roller alignment and eliminates the added weight of tie bars or tall lifter bodies associated with Dog Bone-style lifters.

Jesel Keyway lifters are available in 1.062” and 1.095” lifter body diameters and various roller diameters. The smallest combination of body diameter and roller scales in at just 97 grams. Keyway lifters require special engine block machine work to install the Jesel bronze keyway bushings. Jesel also offers a Keyway Bushing Installer to ensure perfect bushing alignment.

Standard Features

  • Available in 1.062” or 1.095” diameters

  • Centred, .050” or .150” pushrod seat locations

  • Hardened keyway pin keeps lifter from rotating within bushing

  • DLC coated tool steel body reduces friction and wear

  • Oil circuit lubes pushrods, roller, cam, and needle bearings

  • Easy in-engine lifter removal

  • Wide selection of roller diameters

  • Optional roller sizes available

  • Internal locking pin eliminates snap rings


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Open Pocket Lifters

The Jesel Open Pocket Keyway lifter is our standard design keyway style lifter. The Open Pocket design allows for the use of larger diameter rollers and offers a wider contact path on the cam lobe. The open pocket not only reduces the weight of the lifter, but it also allows more oil to lubricate the roller. The .937” diameter lifters are available with either .785” or .850” diameter roller and the 1.062” lifters come with a choice of .785”, .850” or .940” diameter rollers. A centred, .050” or .150” offset cup is available.

Full Body Lifters

The Jesel Full Body Keyway lifter features the roller surrounded by the lifter body for added strength and support in the thrust area on the lifter body. Available combinations include a .937 diameter lifter featuring a .785” diameter roller, a 1.062” lifter can be ordered with either a .785” or .850” diameter roller and our 1.095” diameter lifter includes a .940” roller. A centred, .050” or .150” offset pushrod cup is available.

Integrated Keyway


Our lightest .937 lifter body

Successfully run through the 2016 NASCAR season, Jesel’s Integrated Keyway Roller Lifter is our lightest Keyway style lifter available. Currently available in a .937” diameter body with a .850” diameter roller, this lifter weighs in at a scant 96 grams – 6 grams lighter than our current TS Series Keyway.

By machining the guide key into the body, the aluminium keyway retention post is removed allowing for the use of larger diameter pushrods. Aluminium pistons feature an O-ring to prevent oil pressure bleed and a hardened steel pushrod seat available in either on-center or .150” offset location.  Jesel’s Integrated Keyway lifters retain all the standard features of our TS series such as DLC coated Tool Steel bodies, oil pressurized needle bearings and they are a direct replacement to the TS series.

Jesel Keyway lifters require special engine block machine work to install the Jesel bronze keyway bushings. Jesel offers a Keyway Bushing Installation tool for sale or rent that ensures perfect keyway to bushing alignment.

Standard Features

  • Available in .937” diameter body

  • Machined in key allows for larger diameter pushrod

  • Centred or .150” pushrod seat locations

  • O-ring piston prevents oil bleed

  • Oil circuit lubes pushrods, roller and needle bearings

  • DLC coated Tool Steel body reduces friction and wear

  • Rebuild service available


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Oil flow should never be restricted to any Jesel Precision Roller Lifter.

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Bushed Lifters

We understand that you may have had bad experiences with needle roller lifters from other manufacturers, and may be more comfortable with bushed lifters going forward. Although we have always felt and continue to feel that a needle is the best option for a lifter, we now offer a bronze bushed roller option for customers that prefer them.

Now available for both Tie-Bar and Keyway Lifters, Jesel Bushed Lifters feature pressure fed oiling, and have been rigorously dyno tested and run through over one million cycles on our in-house Spintron.