Enderle Fuel Injection


Enderle produces mechanical fuel injection kits and components for high-performance applications such as drag racing, sprint cars, and street performance vehicles.  Performance Wholesale Australia is an authorised distributor of Enderle Fuel Injection™ products. 
Enderle Products include: Blower Injectors, Big & Ugly BAU Injectors, Tunnel Ram Injectors, Single Butterfly Injectors, Upright Injectors, Mechanical Fuel Pumps & Components, Barrel Valves, Injector Hat Components & Air Filters, Nozzle Bodies & Jets, Hat Lines, Linkage Kits, Injector Hoses, Fittings, Shutoff Valves, Fuel Shut Off Kits, Priming Components, Injector Spacers & Adapters, Port Lines, Belt Drives & Bracket Assemblies.

We keep a range of Enderle products in stock. Please contact our sales team for all your enquiries while we continue to add products to our shop. 07 3808 1986 or Email