Comp Cams Holden LS1 / LS2 up to VZ Camshaft Packages

Comp Cams Holden LS1 / LS2 up to VZ Camshaft PackagesLS CAM KIT

Camshaft Package for Holden / Chev suits Holden Commodore VT VU VX VY VZ LS1 5.7L V8.

We have a heap of different grinds available from Comp Cams for the LS engines. If you can't see the grind you want, please contact our sales team. 

Included in the LS1/2 Cam Package;

- Camshaft (your choice of Comp Cams hydraulic roller grind)

Camshaft options:

CC54-412-11        COMP CAM HYDRAULIC ROLLER LS 212/218@050, .522/.529, 114LSA, 1200 - 6000 RPM  

CC54-424-11        COMP CAM HYDRAULIC ROLLER LS 212/218@050, .558/.563, 115LSA, 1400 - 6700 RPM    

CC54-426-11        COMP CAM HYDRAULIC ROLLER LS 222/224@050, .566/.568, 112LSA, 1800 - 6800 RPM     

CC54-428-11        COMP CAM HYDRAULIC ROLLER LS 228/230@050, .571/.573, 112LSA, 2200 - 7200 RPM    

CC54-444-11        COMP CAM HYDRAULIC ROLLER LS 224/230@050, .581/.588, 114LSA, 2000 - 7000 RPM    

CC54-446-11        COMP CAM HYDRAULIC ROLLER LS 232/234@050, .595/.598, 112LSA, 2400 - 7200 RPM    

CC54-448-11        COMP CAM HYDRAULIC ROLLER LS 238/240@050, .605/.609, 112LSA, 2800 -7200 RPM    

- Pac Racing Valve springs of your choice

Pac Racing Beehive 1219 Springs (.625" max lift) 

Pac Racing KS12 Dual Valve Spring kit .675" max lift (kit includes Dual springs, retainers, spring seats, valve locks & stem seals)


- Rollmaster Single Row Adjustable Timing chain set VT VU VX VY LS1, VZ LS2

- ARP LS Cam Gear Bolts 134-1003

- ARP LS Balancer Bolt 234-2503

- Trend Performance 7.400" Pushrods (16 required)


We recommend replacing the factory oil pump on all camshaft swaps.

Available for purchase

GM LS Hydraulic Roller Lifters - Recommended to replace when doing a cam swap

Mahle Standard Volume Oil Pump - highly recommended to replace when doing a cam swap

Melling High Volume Oil Pump - Recommended where more oil volume is required