BLP Racing Products

BLP Racing Products

BLP Racing Products

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BLP designs and manufactures high quality performance racing fuel systems, drive components and engine accessory parts. Along with performance Holley® modified carburettors, BLP Billet Xtreme carburettors, gaskets, belt driven fuel pumps, fuel logs and regulators.

Commitment to quality service and parts is exemplified through the continued expansion of our product line, the latest in CNC technology. Our continued development in carburettor and performance product development enables BLP to remain a leader in the racing industry.

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BLP Weekend Warrior Carburetor

 About BLP

   BLP manufactures high-quality performance engine parts including engine accessory drive components, Holley® modified racing carburettors, BLP Billet racing carburettors, gaskets, belt-driven fuel pumps, and fuel system drive components. We carry one of the largest Holley® bulk performance carburettor service parts inventory in the industry. BLP also offers special machining services to our customers. Our confidentiality to our customers is paramount with us.

   Commitment to our customers is exemplified by continued expansion to include increasing both floor space and adding modern CNC machining centres. Our in-house engineering staff and Research and Development department enable BLP to fuel your passion for Xtreme Performance. Only the finest in USA grade materials are used in our machined parts, thus ensuring only the best in quality parts for our customers,

   We are proud of our long-standing status in the industry, our staff, and most of all, in our commitment to serving you our customers.

BLP Racing Products, Fuelling your passion for Xtreme Performance!

 Joe Hilerio




It is the Mission of BLP Racing Products, LLC. To provide racing professionals and enthusiasts with the best American-made quality products and knowledge that fulfil their wants and needs at the right price. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff will help inspire, educate and problem-solve for our customers.



A Brief History of BLP Products, Inc.


   When Jimmy Johnson won NASCAR's top points championship with a record-setting 4th year running, his car was equipped with a carburettor manufactured by BLP (Bo Laws Performance) Products of Orlando. BLP Products, Inc. has manufactured high-quality race engine parts and components for many of the professional race carburettor builders and NASCAR race teams, along with modifying Holley® race carburettors.


  BLP also manufactures special components for Holley® Carburettors, along with designing and developing drive components, belt-driven fuel pumps, piston dome oilers, and sheet metal valve covers. Bo Laws Automotive began in 1965 as a two-man automotive general repair shop. By 1970, the small firm grew to five employees successfully tuning and race prepping Corvettes and muscle cars. From 1971 until 1990, the company operated as a combination speed and machine shop, specializing in building high-performance products and race engines. BLP Products, Inc was then founded in 1991 and continues to remain one of the top high-performance products manufacturers in the racing industry


"It was an awesome time in American automotive history and I consider myself very fortunate to have experienced those times," comments founder, Bo Laws. "There were very few racing parts available and we had to design and make many of our own parts." Laws was very successful in drag racing in the late '60s and won several NHRA National Events in the Street Eliminator and Pro Stock divisions. This success helped propel the business and in 1983, Laws was inducted into the first Southeast Division NHRA Hall of Fame.