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ACL Race Series Engine Bearings
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2020 ACL Race Series Catalogue

ACL RACE Series performance engine bearings are recognised as a premier brand throughout the street car scene & motorsports world. RACE Series rod and main bearings are standard components in street / race engines that have set records and won championships all around the world - from sport compact, drift & drag racing to small block powered Supercars, Nascar, IHRA and NHRA competitions. The unique combination of design, metallurgy and engineering provides Race Series performance bearings with the endurance and capability to perform where others cannot. These exceptional bearings are available for a variety of Australian, American, Asian and European performance engines.

[ E N G I N E E R I N G ]

Metallurgical and engineering innovations that provide Race Series bearings with remarkable endurance.

Trimetal Formulation

High Strength Steel Backing

high strength steel backing

Higher tensile strength of steel alloy improves rod bearing strength and retention. Increased crush improves bearing retention from higher radial contact pressures, and also improves heat dissapation.

Increased Eccentricity

increased eccentricity

Bearing eccentricity is the gradual reduction in wall thickness between the crown and parting line. This enhanced engineering feature allows for compensation for bore distortion and assists in the formation of hydrodynamic oil film.

Extended Oil Grooves and Tapered Groove Run-Out

extended oil grooves

Main bearing grooved uppers with matching groove lowers provide for less interuption to big end oil supply. Tapered groove run–out smooths big end supply cutoff and avoids pressure pulsing and cavitation.

Large Chamfer. Tight Wall Tolerance. Hardened Steel Backing.

large chamfer