Weld Racing Wheels Concavity / Pad Heights Explained

Weld’s RTS Wheels – Custom Brake Clearance for Big Binders

This small 17" Weld RTS S-71 Wheel with the high pad fits over the 5th Gen Camaro's big Brembo's - perfect for a drag racing application.

It used to be that wheel clearance around your calipers was only a problem if you had some massive aftermarket brake kit. However, in recent years OE’s have even moved towards more powerful 4 and 6-Piston calipers and huge rotors to stop their performance models. Just take a look at the 5th Gen Camaro, C6 Z06, and ZR1 Corvette – the calipers on each of these cars have almost 2-inches of overhang from the wheel mounting surface. That means that many wheels will have trouble fitting over those big binders.


The Weld RTS line is available in two styles: the 5-spoke S-71, and the multi-spoke S-74.

Since no one is looking for less stopping power, it’s a clear fact that brakes aren’t going to be getting any smaller and big calipers are here to stay. Luckily wheel manufactures like Weld Racing have adapted their wheel lines to fit over today’s fat-calipered late-model muscle cars. Weld’s RTS line is actually available in three different pad heights based on how much over hang your calipers have.


The C6 Z06 is another perfect example of a late-model car that comes stock with massive brakes that can make wheel fitment difficult.


Weld RTS Wheels Pad Height Options and Profiles

  • Low Pad Height– 0.89” of Clearance – Green Spoke Profile – For cars with drum brakes, early disc brakes, and aftermarket drag set ups.   

    This overlay shows the shape of the RTS spokes according to the pad height selected.

  • Medium Pad Height – 1.19” of Clearance – Blue Spoke Profile – Offers more clearance for modern style brakes with small to medium overhang.  
  • High Pad Height – 2.05” of Clearance – Red Spoke Profile – For calipers with big overhang such as those on 5th Gen Camaro SS and C6 Z06, and aftermarket calipers from Brembo, Baer, Wilwood, and others.

As you can see, Weld is able to build the RTS wheels to fit over both big OE calipers, and behemoth aftermarket binders. Best of all, the RTS wheels are forged, light weight, and  available in almost any width and backspacing combination you might need – in 15-inch to 20-inch diameters. 

Credit: LSX Mag

 AUGUST 30, 2012