How To Properly Gap A Piston Ring - Setting End Gap With A Total Seal Power Ring Filer

Technical Sales representative, Kevin Studaker, takes you through the basic steps for gapping a piston ring with our power ring filer. Having the correct end gap is critical for proper piston ring function.


Checking Ring Groove Depth - Critical Piston Measurements

Proper fitment of the piston rings in the ring grooves is critical to the performance of the engine. In this video, Kevin Studaker demonstrates the proper methods of measuring ring groove depth.



Free Gap

What is Free Gap? Keith Jones explains how temperature determines the proper ring material, and Keith covers how to use free gap measurements to gauge ring material performance. Checking the free gap prior to engine assembly and upon tear down provides and excellent measurement of the engine tune up. Check out the video for all the details.



Honing Fluid & Diamond Abrasives

Does the type of fluid used when honing with diamond abrasives really matter? In this video, Bob Day from RF Engines shares and shows his experience with Lake Speed, Jr., who relates his father's experience when changing honing oil. The choice of fluid is an often overlooked ingredient in ring seal soup.



Cross Hatch Angle Tool - Check Your Cylinder Bore Honing Angle With Ease!

Did you know that cross hatch angle plays a critical role in engine performance? Too shallow of a cross hatch angle can cause cylinder bore and wear issues. Too steep of a cross hatch angle can cause oil consumption. But you can't know if you have the right cross hatch angle if you can't measure it. Total Seal saves the day with their handy new Cross Hatch Angle Checking Tool. Watch as Keith Jones demonstrates how to use this tool and provides some guidance on which cross hatch angle to use.



Engine Break In Without A Dyno - Watch This BEFORE You Break-In A New Or Rebuilt Engine

"Dyno" Don MacAskill from Shaver Specialties Racing Engines and Lake Speed Jr from Total Seal Piston Rings share tips and tricks on how to break-in your new or rebuilt engine. Failed camshafts, oil consumption and other problems can stem from improper break-in procedures, so watch as these two experienced experts show you how to properly break-in an engine without using an engine dyno. The video also references other resources such as choosing the proper break-in oil, so we've provided links to those videos below.

Choosing A Break-In Oil

Proper Break-In Procedures

Break-In Oil Analysis



How To Properly Measure Piston Ring Groove Dimensions - Critical Measurements For Proper Fit

In this brief video, we demonstrate a few methods to measure the axial (thickness) and radial (depth) dimensions of the piston ring grooves. The rings need proper clearance, and these easy measurements allow you to know if you have the proper side clearance and back clearance.