Cylinder Bore Honing For Horsepower! Watch This Before You Hone Your Block!

Credit: Total Seal Piston Rings

Just changing the way a cylinder is honed can impact the performance of the engine. The surface finish of the bore plays a critical role in how well the piston ring seals.

In this video, "Dyno" Don MacAskill and Lake Speed Jr. dyno test the effects of an extreme plateau hone versus a conventional plateau finish. By adding more Rvk (valley depth that retains more oil on the cylinder wall) without making the surface rougher, the piston ring sees better lubrication and less friction. Because the motor oil acts as the gasket between the piston, the rings and the cylinder bore, retaining more oil on the cylinder wall increases the sealing effect of the oil.

The detailed surface finish values of the extreme plateau hone are a Rpk of 10 micro inches, a Rk of 44 micro inches and a Rvk of 72 micro inches.

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