Willowbank Raceway has announced it will receive $11 million in Government funding for much needed upgrades to the facility.

NEWS FLASH - Today at the Gulf Western Oil New Year's Thunder, Senator Paul Scarr announced that Willowbank Raceway will be receiving $11 Million to upgrade the Track and Venue.
In an announcement made in front of the solid crowd at the Gulf Western Oil New Year's Thunder, the Drag Racing Teams, Crew and spectators were extremely pleased to receive the announcement and look forward to seeing the upgrades to both the Track and facilities.
Senator Paul Scarr said “As a Senator based in the Ipswich region, I am delighted to announce this funding. “I would like to pay tribute to the board, staff, volunteers and of course all participants that make the great Willowbank Raceway. “It is really because of their effort that the Morrison Government is providing $11 million to the Willowbank Raceway Upgrade.
“The funding, through the Community Development Grants Program, will enable an exciting improvement to the facility - from upgrades to the track, lighting and car parking, through to new amenities and other building works. “This funding will generate jobs and economic growth in our Ipswich region. It will attract thousands of people and world-class events. “Willowbank Raceway is a much-loved venue and this announcement will ensure its future success and growth. It is a great day for the Ipswich region.” Senator Scarr concluded.
Senator Pauline Hanson said “Willowbank is an Ipswich institution which has showcased the exciting sport of drag racing in a family-friendly environment for more than 30 years,” Senator Hanson said. “They’ve done it with very little in the way of public funding or support, and it’s been especially difficult for Willowbank to operate under pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. I’m glad I’ve been in a position to help Willowbank with this funding, which will make sure it remains the centre of Australian drag racing for many years to come while also offering the community a great facility for other events and purposes such as driver training.”
Tony Wedlock, President of Willowbank Raceway said “Today’s announcement, is a huge step in the continued growth of Willowbank Raceway. The venue has a storied history, and as a racetrack, Willowbank Raceway means so much to a great deal of Racers, Volunteers and Fans. We cannot thank enough, the Morrison Government and Senators Scarr and Senator Hanson for their direct involvement in making this grant happen”.
Peter Beaumont the CEO of Willowbank Raceway said “Having been part of the Willowbank Raceway family for the last 12 months, I am delighted to be part of this announcement and look forward to contributing to these major changes to the venue.”
Willowbank Raceway, the Home of the largest Drag Racing event outside of the United States, the Winternationals, will see the benefits of these upgrades almost immediately. In addition, the economic benefit to the broader Ipswich community cannot be understated with an anticipated $25 million dollars per year going into the local businesses.
The grant itself will give a major boost to Queensland, with an anticipated $17.6 million going directly into the local Ipswich economy. The grant is anticipated to direct contribute to an additional 92 jobs during construction. Long term, an additional 35 jobs will be created directly within the city of Ipswich. Willowbank Raceway, is delighted to continue its tradition of contributing to the growth and development of the Ipswich Community.
Moving forward, these upgrades should provide a major boost to the sport of Drag Racing with improved venue infrastructure, a new racing surface which will ultimately attract additional local and international competitors. This grant and improvements to the facility will boost the venues capacity to hold major entertainment events and trade shows over the coming years.
Work will commence on the Venue very soon, as we move through this process, we will keep everyone updated on the progress via Facebook.
Credit: Willowbank Raceway, Drag Photos

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