New Product Release ~ Sander Engineering EZ-Fit Liner Wheels ~ Drag Racing

Sanders Engineering EZ-FIT Liner Wheels

Product Name: Sander EZ-Fit Liner Wheel

Newly released racing wheel for drag racing applications using a liner inside the racing tire.

Available via Special Order Only in Polished or Anodized Black Finish

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Sander 760 H3 Series 16″ EZ Fit Liners meet the SFI 15.3 specification for applications up to 7500 horsepower.

Available in 16″ width with 4.0″or 5.0″ backspacing and your choice of 5 x 4.75″, 5 x 5.0″ or 5 x 5.5″ bolt circle patterns.

Comes standard with a fully polished finish with options for black anodized wheel and/or center. 


Sanders EZ-Fit Liner Wheel

Sander Engineering expands its racing wheel offering an answer to the age-old problem of fitting liners and accomplishing an efficient bead seat. Designed in association with Hoosier Tire and tested on the NHRA championship winning alcohol funny car of Doug Gordon, this wheel is a gamechanger for the drag racing industry.  Sander Engineering is aimed to become the leader in racing wheel innovation and prides itself on the fact that we are “Racers Building Wheels for Racers.”

Commenting on his experience with the EZ-Fit Doug Gordon said …” For a long time, we have dealt with vibrations at high speed, we installed the Sander Ez-Fit Wheels, it instantly fixed the problem. I honestly did not think a wheel could make that big of a difference, but I can assure you it does!”

Doug Gordon #1 TAFC


Australian Pro Alcohol Funny Car Champion Steven Reed (The first in Australia to use the wheel) Commented………I have always dreaded fitting new tires but now with the new Sander Ez Fit Liner wheel I am almost looking forward to the next set of Tires!


Brandon, Sander Engineering ~ We have redesigned the wheel with Hoosier Tire West for easy mounting and dismounting.  Generally, liner wheels are difficult to mount and dismount.  With our new EZ Fit design you can mount our new EZ Fit Liner wheels in 15 minutes or less.  We have some of the fastest racers in the world using our liner wheels.  The feedback from our racers is, easy to mount and dismount, wheels are very smooth off the line.  We already have multiple wins with the new EZ Fit Liner design. 


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