New Kid On The Block - Driven Racing Oils New GP-1 Assembly Gel


Driven Racing Oil's new GP-1 Assembly Gel is recommended for both engine assembly and first start-up. This gel contains a no-drip formula that clings to surfaces for extra protection and completely dissolves when in contact with oil to avoid blocking any passageways within the engine. Applying this assembly gel to camshafts, lifters, rockers, valves and more for peace-of-mind when completing your engine build.

It's unique No-Drip formulation will stay where you apply it. It's not a traditional lube nor a grease. Because it's a gel it does not contain thickeners that compete against the oil additives. As a result, the gel provides better additive response, which means better protection during break-in.

Part # 00778


  • Assembly gel is recommended for camshafts, lifters, rockers, pushrods, valve guides and more
  • The specialised no-drip formula clings to and protects surfaces
  • Break-in protection that dissolves in oil for non-clogging of passageways within the engine
  • 1 oz. packet - sold individually


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