Moroso’s New Toyota 2JZ Dry Sump Oil Pans

It’s been 18 years since Toyota last produced a copy of its venerable 2JZ-GTE inline six-cylinder engine, and while you aren’t likely to find many laying around in junkyards anymore for a swap project, the basic platform continues to gain steam in the drag racing and high-performance world, thanks to the advent of aftermarket blocks, heads, rotating assembly components, and other accessories. 

The 2JZ remains the most capable of import racing engines, holding the outright world record and countless other records around the globe, and so aftermarket manufacturers continue to see value in developing products to expand its catalog of components. Among those is performance parts giant Moroso Performance Products, which has engineered new dry sump oil pans for the 2JZ for some of the more extreme racing applications out there. These aluminum pans feature a 1/4-inch thick billet aluminum rail and either three or four (two different part numbers: #20938 fo four stage and #20939 for five) 12AN pickups, an oil collection trough to maximize horsepower and oil control, a built-in, removable windage tray, and a 1/2-inch NPT fitting for supercharger or turbo drains.

“We had variations of both products that we were selling in our custom department. We have had a lot of interest, including more typical domestic race engine builders ask for this oil pan than we expected, and so the design of each was revised and fine-tuned and we introduced them as production part numbers,” Moroso’s Thor Schroder explains.



 DECEMBER 08, 2020

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