Dart Machining to reveal a brand new Toyota 2J block concept this weekend at FL2K!

This ain't no April fools joke. Dart Machining are revealing a brand new Toyota 2J block concept this weekend at FL2K! 👀 Coming in 2023, Dart will release a NEW cast-iron block with a TON of upgrades over the OE casting. More details to come later this year, but be sure to swing by the Dart booth and see it in person!
Will it come to fruition? Only time will tell but we have all our fingers and toes crossed.
Cast Iron 2JZGTE Concept Block
Few engines have been as impactful to the performance world as the 2J platform, and Dart has recognised a major gap in the inline six performance offerings. Announcing a completely new and improved design over OE blocks, this will take the world's most popular sport compact platform to a whole new level!
Coming in 2023 this Cast iron block features Siamese bores, a four-bolt main cap design, and an increased deck thickness all guaranteed to deliver long lasting high performance. With a completely redesigned crank structure and revised coolant passages, there has never been a stronger 2J block available. 
Game changing concept
Siamese Bores 
- No cross coolant between bores
- 88mm max bore size
Screw in Aluminium freeze plugs
220 BHN cast iron material
- Can be machined to accept 94mm stroke
Increased deck thickness 
- .750" deck thickness
Redesigned crankcase structure
- Improved block strength

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