2020 Product Showcase: Total Seal’s New AP Plus Ring Sets

Last year, we brought you Total Seal’s revolutionary gas-ported piston rings sets from the PRI Show. While there is no tradeshow this year thanks to the ‘Rona, Total Seal is still putting together some of the best piston ring technology to ever hit the market. In this case, combining the tried-and-true Advanced Profiling (AP) ring set with a gas-ported top ring.

Dubbed “AP Plus,” the new sets combine all the efforts of AP Ultra-Thin rings with the performance of the gas-ported rings, for an off-the-shelf set of matched rings with all the performance of a custom ring set. “Essentially, we are offering coated, gas-ported, AP ring sets, off-the-shelf,” says Lake Speed, Jr. of Total Seal. “These are top-shelf rings in a shelf-stock package.”

The top ring is a 1.0mm gas-ported steel ring that provides exceptional sealing properties. The top ring features multiple coatings designed specifically for their areas of operation. There is a dry-film lubricant on the sides of the ring aimed at providing anti-scuff properties for the piston’s ring groove, and a QSP PVD coating on the face of the ring, designed to allow for quick ring seating.

While the AP Ultra-Thin rings are awesome performers, the real star of the show is the 1.0mm gas ported top ring. It provides sealing previously only obtained by gas-porting your pistons.

The second ring also measures 1.0mm, is made of ductile iron, and features a Napier face design for both advanced sealing and oil control. Moving down to the third ring in the AP Plus set, a 2.0mm, three-piece oil ring with approximately 10 pounds of tension balances tension and optimum oil control.

All of the sets are file fit and are on the shelf now in bore sizes ranging from 3.741 inches up to 4.300 inches. Also available are AP ring sets with identical specs, save for a non-ported top ring for pistons with existing gas ports.


 DECEMBER 09, 2020

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