On November 5, 1991, the presidents of Yugoslavia’s six republics signed the Hague Statement on Respect of Humanitarian Principles. In it, the leaders agreed that “wounded and ill persons must be helped and protected in all circumstances, all arrested persons, and notably combatants who have surrendered, must be treated with humanity,” and they promised “unconditional support for the action of the ICRC in favour of the victims.” I grab the home phone. For some reason, I can’t remember my mother’s number, so I look it up in my cell phone. Ring, ring, ring, ring. To understand how important the hippocampus is to the circuitry of the brain, all you have to do is consider what happens when it is removed, as in the famous case of the patient who became known to the medical world as H.M. In 1933, a bicycle struck seven-year-old Henry Gustav Molaison near his home in Hartford, Connecticut, knocking him out cold.22 After that fateful accident, H.M. experienced clusters of seizures that increased in intensity until, by his twenty-seventh birthday in 1953, his doctor had decided to remove the bit of brain tissue that seemed to be the focus of his seizures: the hippocampus. When H.M. recovered from the surgery, the seizures were gone, but too went his ability to make memories. The doctors noticed that his old memories were intact up to two years before the surgery, but he could no longer retain new ones. Any new information stayed with him for a mere twenty seconds before it vanished. H.M. lived into his eighties, but always thought of himself as a young man in his mid-twenties, the age he was before his surgery. WAR OPERATIONS brand viagra online without prescription He went, not knowing much at all about the organization that the French-speaking call by the acronym MSF, forM?decins Sans Fronti?res. He knew them only by their poster campaigns, which proclaimed,“We didn’t study medicine to cure imaginary patients.” Eric interpreted this to mean that they got things done for people in need and challenged prevailing attitudes. He liked those who “shook the tree” a little bit. The commander calls the crowd to attention and introduces a tall, attractive man with a regal bearing dressed in a green camouflage military uniform. His name is Dr. Nedret Mujkanovi?. His hair is dark brown.
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