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Trend Performance Pushrods and wrist pins


Trend Performance offers you the ultimate pushrod & wrist pin line up.


The pushrod is one of the most important members of the valve train, but can be the most overlooked.

Through extensive research and testing from our development team, including countless hours on a SpinTron™, we have learned that not only does the pushrod have to be strong enough not to fail, bend or burn up at the ends, the frequency of the pushrod must also match that of the rest of the parts in the valve train, as well as the RPM at which the engine will be run.


Trend Performance is the industries elite manufacture of automotive wrist pins. Our proprietary super-finishing & lapping process produces an industry leading finish & pin geometry. This finish essentially eliminates friction and will provide an improved wrist pin lifecycle in high load and engine RPM environments. Our pins also have an optional DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating which is very popular in higher performance, power adder environments.


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